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Living the Good Life

"It's not a lot when you do it with intention." -Me

I've done a lot with the first month of 2023. And I've done it with intention. I've done it with clarity and focus. I've increased the positivity in my day, my mental health, and my relationships by being laser focused and intentional.

Here are some of the things I've focused on so far this year...

-Exercise every day

-Meditate every day

-Stretch or yoga every day

-Write every day

-Eat well and clean (fruits and veggies, lots of green things, substantial protein, and limit processed foods)

-Hydrate consistently

-Spend time with family

-Increased, and deepened the connection with Ashley

-Maintained, and increased sex life with Ashley

-Read several books (well, listened to them as it is my preference to reading)

-Gotten back into individual therapy

-Raised money for charity

-Increased my spiritual practice

-Embraced the creative process

-Shared some of my personal stories

-Been mindful with money

-Made time for old friends, and formed some new friendships

-Found peace at work

-Worked full time

-Enhanced my listening skills

-Cooked approximately 25 days

-Volunteered my time for charity

-Maintained, and grew, a daily gratitude practice

-Averaged 8 hours of sleep per night

There's probably more, but this list is what I've come up with at this time. In my journal this morning, I wrote:

"It sounds like a lot - but I'm rested, focused, and ready to do these things again today - RIGHT NOW. I am awake and alive so why wouldn't I do everything in my power to make the most of this day?"

We hear the call-to-action from motivational speakers...

We see the words and quotes in memes on social media every day...

We hang the quotes on the walls of our homes and workspaces...

About living each day like it's our last...


Living life to the fullest...


Giving our best in each moment...

So that's what I'm doing. And for now, I have the time to do these things because I make the time to do these things. Life is just a bunch of moments that lead to minutes that build into hours, days, weeks, months, and years. But only this moment is guaranteed. And I promise to give my all in this moment. When I follow through on that promise, it leads to a fulfilling life, regardless how long this life will last.

This is living the good life.

Patrick Messenger


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