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Jeffrey Dahmer and the Human Species

Jeffrey Dahmer showed a lot of affection to his prey before he murdered them, cut them into pieces, and ate them.

Did his affection make these violent, tortuous acts okay? Definitely not. They were heinous, barbaric, awful acts of violence that left the entire country in a disgusted state of awe.

So why does our culture believe that it's okay to treat animals this way? Even the kindest, most warm-hearted farmers aren't raising the animals for any other purpose than death. They are literally being born to die-so that we may cut them into pieces and eat them. There is no amount of love or affection that can compensate for this.

The human species is no better than a cow or pig or chicken or dog or fish or cat or frog or name your favorite animal protein. But we are more selfish. We are greedier. We tell ourselves we are the rulers of the animal kingdom, but in reality, we are just a bunch of Jeffrey Dahmer's loving, stalking, killing, and eating our prey.

Stop it.

If you're disgusted by the argument I'm imposing, you're being dishonest to yourself. You're shielding yourself from the truth. Go visit a factory farm and watch the tortuous treatment of the animals there. They live in tight quarters, covered in blood and feces. They live for days or months or years before being shipped to the slaughterhouse to be murdered, packaged, and shipped to your local grocery store.

"But what about my friend, Tom, the farmer? He raises just a few animals at a time. He spends time with them, loves them, feeds and cares for them. He makes them feel like they're part of the family." And then he kills that healthier, happier animal so you can consume them. I won't disagree with you that this animal led a better life, while living, but the end of its life was still murder. For those of you that get your animal protein from your friend, Tom, have you ever actually watched them kill the animal? Did you feel the weight of that death as its soul left its body? Do you think that animal wanted to be born, and raised, and loved, then deceived by its loved one and murdered just so you could eat them?

Do you think the men Jeffrey Dahmer killed wanted to be killed, cut up, and eaten? Or do you think they wanted to be loved and feel his affection?

You may not like this rationalization as you read it. I don't even really enjoy this rationalization as I write it. But the truth is, the meat you're eating isn't different than the meat Jeffrey Dahmer ate.

You're eating murder. You're eating hate. You're eating torture. You're eating deception. You are soaking your insides with the blood of another being. This is the truth, whether you're ready to face it or not.

It's time to wake up and GO VEGAN.

Patrick Messenger


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